FRP is the new wall and ceiling panel for those high traffic installations requiring durability and high sanitary standards as well as moisture, mildew, and chemical resistance.

Available in a range of colors, FRP easily fits with any interior style. Also, because it’s engineered to last, it doesn’t call attention to itself with a worn out look that can quickly appear with other surfaces. In most cases, traditional materials such as ceramic tile, stainless steel, painted drywall or concrete simply can’t provide the combination of durability, ease of maintenance and cost effectiveness offered by FRP.

FRP is manufactured and tested to perform in locations such as:
• Commercial Kitchens
• Public Restrooms
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Correctional Facilities
• Restaurants
• Car Washes
• Meat and Dairy facilities
• Coolers and Freezers
• Supermarkets
• Clean Rooms and Laboratories

Pluswood Distributors Updates

• New Stock Vanity Program
• New Plastic Laminate Countertop Patterns
• White FRP in Stock!
• New Canadian Bowl for SFI Tops!
• Nevamar HPL Program (South & North Dakota)
• Evolution Solid Surface Bath Systems
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