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TFM- ThermoFused Melamine
Pluswood brings you one of the highest quality ThermoFused Melamine (panels available in the market today. Whether your design calls for deep, saturated color, the richness of a fine wood grain, or the timeless appeal of stone, Pluswood has the decorative surface you’re looking for.

  • FAST turnaround on any non-stock TFM in either Pluswood or Nevamar colors: 2-3 weeks or less
  • Low Minimum on non-stock Pluswood Melamine colors: 20 panel minimum; may combine thicknesses
  • 80 face minimum (40 sheet 2-sided) on any Nevamar color made into TFM Panels.
  • Nevamar High Pressure laminate available for all Pluswood colors; 5 sheet minimum of not in stock

Pluswood also specializes in Hardwood Veneers, Lamclad, Industrial Particle Board, and FRP!


  • Galaxy White
  • Almond Too
  • Fog Gray
  • Folkstone Gray
  • Black
  • Pearwood
  • Cambridge Cherry
  • Natural Oak
  • Rock Hard Maple
  • Honey Spice Oak


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Contact Pluswood Distributors